Keep your Child’s Bedside Tidy

A functional kids bedside hanging pocket which keeps things in reach when a bedside table is not an option. Strong & sturdy Night Night Pocket fills the gap, a valuable additional to your child's bedroom.

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Night Night Pocket Features

We have created a fantastic storage pocket. A fun and convenient bedside hanging pocket for story books, toys, drinks and more. The perfect solution for when a bedside table is not an option.

Easy To Install

Simply wrap the velcro straps around the bedrail and securely fasten the ends by pressing firmly. 

Multiple Pockets

Designed to hold story books, drinks and more.

Strong and sturdy

Designed to hold a range of different sizes of books and                     drink bottles.

High Quality Material

100% cotton with reinforced backing.

Our Story

Night Night Pocket was created after I moved my children into mid-sleeper beds, and discovered there was nowhere to put a night-time drink or a picture book. At least not if you didn’t want it getting knocked off a shelf in the middle of the night. Things got knocked off shelves and, with toilet-training as well, lifting children over and around shelves in the middle of the night just wasn’t working for me. Pocket tidies were not big enough or strong enough to hold children’s books and drink bottles.

So I decided to make one myself which was designed to suit a specific need –
and so the Night Night Pocket was born.

The product is a sturdy, reinforced backed hanging pocket incorporating two pockets, one smaller sized pocket designed to hold a sports type bottle and a larger pocket designed to hold books/toys. The larger pocket was designed to take the larger children’s picture books as well as small toys. The four full length velcro straps ensure even heavy annuals or reference books are held securely as well as allowing fitting to different sizes of beds – so long as you can wrap the straps round the side of the bed,
the Night Night Pocket should fit.

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